Self-care may seem like such a challenge, but here is the easy way!

A list of self-care tips to help you become happier and improve your wellbeing!


Self care is so important – I cannot exaggerate how much it is. Caring for yourself should come before anything else, as without being healthy and happy ourselves, we will never perform to our best ability and make the most of life.

I started an Instagram account focusing on health awareness and self-care, feel free to have a browse: @hannahcampbelluk

I created a self-care guide of different self care tips on my page to promote wellness and inner peace.. and here are 10 of my favourite all together for you to look at! Try this yourself – implement one self care practice each day for 10 days.. and see how you feel afterwards!

The myth of being able to adopt a new habit in 21 days has been said since the 1960s, but it actually takes an average of 66 days, according to a study produced by University College London. Even though this sounds lengthy and very difficult, I believe if you practice this on a 10 day rotation, you should really start to be in synchronisation with your self-care and inner peace as soon as possible.

No need to necessarily do this in order, but I recommend practising one of these a day, and try all 10 at some point. As someone who suffers with chronic pain and depression, I hope this could inspire you to take care of yourself too.

Self-care tip Number 1:

Try some guided meditation.

Guided meditation has so many benefits, the list is endless. It can improve sleep quality, lower the risk of depression, reduce chronic pain and aid recovery from chronic illnesses. There are so many more positive aspects of meditation, which is why I urge you to try it.
With guided meditation you just need to listen, try your best to concentrate and move into the peacefulness of your subconscious mind.
So, if you find your inner peace and you are more in tune with your body, you must start to feel better right?
Any state of mind is guaranteed to improve if you get into the habit of meditation. Which is why I recommend this to everyone.
With chronic pain, if we have a better mindset then we may feel more motivated to carry on with everyday life, however it will not cure us overnight. But it certainly will let us find a part of ourselves that we never knew existed!
You can use guided meditation for pretty much anything. You do not need to be unwell or sad to use it, I believe it is good for everyone. You can use it for relaxing, de-stressing, getting to sleep, becoming more confident, fighting addiction, weight loss, depression and the list goes on.. Here are some sources for guided meditation videos that have really helped me –
The Honest Guys, found on YouTube and Spotify.
Headspace – a mobile phone app, more info can be found here: Jason Stephenson – YouTube


Self-care tip number 2:

Something which has helped me very much, is my love of English and writing.
Now, as I study English Language I do have the skill of writing, however I recommend writing to anyone.. it certainly helps to get everything out, even if it’s just a Facebook status.

I started a blog a few months ago, and I occasionally write in a diary if I wanna talk about something good, or bad. When I was younger, I kept a number of diaries which helped me get through loads of shit, like bullying.
Write a review for a local business, create a blog, get a diary, put a pen to a piece of paper and let your beliefs be discovered..

Self-care tip number 3:

Alternative medicine such as massage therapies can be very good for any chronic condition, mental health condition, although massages help everyone to relax.
With a condition like fibromyalgia, arthritis etc, massages can be painful, but if you find a good therapist or one who specialises in your condition, then I recommend you definitely try it out.
A massage won’t cure you, but it will certainly help you to relax, sleep better, aid lethargic muscles and help restore body strength.
If anybody needs help with finding a therapist best suited to them, contact me and I will help direct you to someone who may be able to treat you.. also, Groupon do loads of offers with spas and practices all across the UK!

Self-care tip number 4:

Go somewhere new. On your own!

This can be nerve-wracking at first, and some people may not want to spend time in their own company.. but once you get comfortable with it, you may love it!
A few weeks ago I had to visit a university in London, but decided to go early in order to treat myself and cheer myself up!

I got off the train at Liverpool Street, and discovered the Ivy City Garden. It was beautiful, I asked for a table for one and had the best breakfast I’d ever had.. I then looked around and enjoyed the nice weather, found a really nice small shop that focuses on self-care rituals and regimes.

Teach yourself to be alone but not lonely, do what you want to do, and you don’t need to listen to anyone else. Treat yourself within reason and find something new to love 💖

Self-care tip number 5:

Cut toxic people out of your life. I bet that you thought of at least one person as you read that sentence.

You’ve made the first step. You know who’s toxic. If you don’t-here are some pointers: those who:

  • may criticise you all the time
  • spread negativity
  • are jealous
  • are self-centred
  • repeatedly disappoint you

Get rid of the negativity, stop trying with people who can’t be bothered to try for you. And show kindness to someone who will appreciate it muchly.

I’ve done it, I’ve detoxed from people who made me feel like shit and in the last year, I’ve met some amazing people.. delete. detox. start again and be happy 💖

Self-care tip number 6:

This one is pretty simple. Do something you enjoy doing.. if I don’t have the energy to do much, or if I am feeling down, I’ll still do my make up as it distracts me, and makes me feel better once it’s on!
No matter how little or large, do what you wanna do – just make yourself smile!

Eat that cake, stay in bed all day, have a drink, binge on Netflix, paint your face on, do you and treat yourself 🐊


Self-care tip number 7:

Even though I haven’t been able to do a proper workout for months, if I could then I definitely would go back to being a fitness freak!
I know with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, we can’t go to the gym all the time, we can’t do what other people find easy. But to everyone who reads this, please make the most of your fit and able body and get off the sofa!

At least go for a short walk, play with your pet, do a few stretches, move your body, even if it as little as possible.

If you feel good one day, do a workout, go swimming or go to your local gym!
Don’t worry about the pain you will feel after, only worry about it when it comes. Mental well-being is so important, and exercise will help this. Therefore, just try your best, but when you need rest, please rest!

Self-care tip number 8:

As human beings, we all worry or panic at least a few times in our life. Some of us panic more than average. No matter what, it is so important to not let anxiety take over your life. (Easier said than done. I know)
Anxiety and depression are common conditions, affecting at least 1 in 6 people in the UK weekly. – If you want to find more statistics regarding mental health in the UK, I recommend this comprehensive summary of mental health research conducted by The Mental Health foundation:

Whether you suffer from anxiety or not, read the diagram and list on this post…take it in. Make small steps and keep at it, and hopefully you will be able to overcome it. If it is becoming a problem, seek professional help as you’ll find that will also contribute greatly to recovery.

Image result for the worry tree diagram

Image result for how to stop overthinking by sharon martin

Self-care tip number 9

This is a simple activity which may help you feel a little bit more positive!

Write down 10 things you are grateful for – it can be absolutely anything, no matter how small or big!
Feel free to comment on this blog about what you are grateful for. Share your ideas and spread the gratitude! I am intrigued to hear what you are all thankful for!

Image result for gratitude quotes

Self-care tip number 10

Spend less time on social media… haha, you knew this was coming!

I admit, I need to hack this myself, I live on my phone, iPad and laptop – it is bad I know! We all need to clean our minds and look after ourselves at times, and cutting down on social media usage is bound to help us do that!

The biggest thing social media probably affects us most with, is the distraction. Distraction of the moment. Something I have tried to do is when I am trying to get a brilliant photo of a nice view I see, or something which enlightens me, I put the phone down and take a picture of it with my own eyes. I focus on my present surroundings and learn to enjoy the moment. I think this is good for our happiness and wellbeing, as we learn to cherish precious moments properly.

Also, social media leads us to focus on other people rather than ourselves.. but self-care is about looking after ourselves, not others. So take a break from Facebook, and focus on you!

That is it for now, start the New Year with gratitude, inner peace and serenity by following some of these tips and doing what makes you happy.

Feel free to leave a comment about any self-care practices you enjoy doing, and any questions!

Thank you for reading, Han Xxx

Author: hancampbellx

Welcome to my brand new blog!! Student from Essex, love a good laugh and a good challenge 💪🏻 Whenever I get a chance, I shall update this blog with anything I want to share, whether that is my academic studies, travelling, battle with chronic pain or anything to do with health, beauty and my eventful life 💋

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