A review of Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty!

I’ve always admired the uniqueness of Lush, their quirky products, their range of different scents whenever you walk past their store, and the fact that they are totally against animal testing.

My friend once told me that a face mask from Lush cured their acne, this amazed me. If only I knew that sooner! Even though I do not suffer from cystic acne anymore, I still get breakouts here and there – I think everyone does!

For Christmas, my stepbrother kindly bought me and my sister some gifts from Lush, including the Mask of Magnaminty. It was time I mixed up my skincare regime a bit, and therefore I have started to use this amazing mixture.

There are 14 ingredients in the product, however I will not bore you with all of them. The most important ingredients of this ‘marvellous mixture’ include:

  • Peppermint oil – this is what makes the mask so refreshing, and the menthol inside stimulates sensory nerve endings – which causes a cooling effect.
  • Honey – believe it or not, honey is antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant. I never knew this!
  • Kaolin – never heard of this before I read about the Mask of Magnaminty.. Kaolin clay is so cool! It cleanses the skin by absorbing the excess oil and water into itself and by making a gently buffing paste when mixed with water.
  • Organic ground aduki beans – they remove dead skin cells when used as an exfoliator, which polishes and renews the skin. They also absorb excess dirt and oil as well.

Isn’t it amazing that you know exactly what you are putting on your skin? So many healthcare brands out there use ingredients that you will never be able to pronounce, however Lush reassures you that everything you are using is good for you and 100% natural!

No wonder why this mask works so well! It has multiple different purposes, which suit such a wide range of skin types – especially sensitive skin like mine!

How to use it:

Apply the mask to clear skin, anywhere you like! However, face is most appropriate for this mask. Leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes..it starts to feel cool (due to the peppermint oil) and just like any other face mask, it slowly dries up (probably due to the Kaolin). Afterwards, use warm water to soak it off. I usually use a moisturiser after, but I prefer to let my skin breathe for a bit to make the most of the lasting effects of the mask.

I tend to use the mask in the evening time, and the morning after my first use, I could see a difference already! My spots have decreased in size, and after three uses, my skin is almost clear again! Definitely give it time, and have faith in this magnificent product.

I personally love this mask, I think it is fantastic. I definitely recommend this to anyone of any skin type. You can buy it in any lush store, starting from £7.95 for 125g. However, if you want to try before you buy, ask the assistant for a tester.

Thank you Lush for another brilliant product, and for making my skin as healthy as it can be!

To my readers, what skincare products do you love and what would you recommend?

Han Xxx


Author: hancampbellx

Welcome to my brand new blog!! Student from Essex, love a good laugh and a good challenge 💪🏻 Whenever I get a chance, I shall update this blog with anything I want to share, whether that is my academic studies, travelling, battle with chronic pain or anything to do with health, beauty and my eventful life 💋

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