The struggles of brain fog!

I am glad that fibro-fog (brain fog) is a recognised symptom of many different illnesses, including Fibromyalgia.

Being the academic that I am, I refuse to let this overcome me some days. But its hard. Working as a waitress too, someone might ask me for a diet coke and I order them a sprite.. and I look stupid. If only I wished they understood, but 99% customers wont.

I’ve always had good handwriting, and it is always something I am complimented on.. however, I fell asleep in class today as I was writing, and my notebook is just a mess. Your birthday cards may look nice, but it has taken me great effort to achieve that.

Everyone forgets things sometimes, everyone has clumsy moments, but I hate it when people intervene and make a joke out of it. As someone with good banter and a funny personality, I can usually take a joke. But sometimes I can’t even walk in a straight line and I actually just want to cry. But I can’t, because I want to stay strong (and I also want to keep my lashes on).

Sometimes it is funny though. I forgot my mate’s name the other day, I have known him a year and a half.. that was embarrassing. People must think I’m going mad!! Sometimes it is scary, but I know that some days I will be fine.

So what exactly is brain fog?

According to

‘Brain fog, also commonly known as brain fatigue, can be a mild to severe episode of mental confusion that can strike without warning. When this occurs, it is common to experience a lack of focus, poor memory recall and reduced mental acuity.
If the underlying causes of the brain fog are not addressed, then the condition can continue to occur to the point that it can negatively affect one’s professional and personal life.’

Check out this website by the way.. It is actually quite interesting!

There are a number of causes of brain fog.. Here are some, that I know of at least!:

  • Stress. Stress is so powerful, it can really make you ill. Make sure you manage your stress – either solve current problems in your life, or meditate to overcome the hypothetical ones.. too much stress will cause you brain fog, as there is too much going on and you will not think straight. (Kinda self explanatory really)
  • Lack of sleep. Omg sleep is so important! Make sure you get enough of it, as you need to restore all the energy you use each day.. With conditions like Fibromyalgia, you do not get restorative sleep, so you might as well not sleep at all to be honest.. but that’s not the point, we have to try! & some medications help that. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, it makes life very difficult. See a professional for some advice!
  • Vitamin deficiencies – especially Vitamin D and B12, if you do not have enough in your system. B12 is vital for the functioning of your brain and nervous system. It is worth getting a blood test and checking your level out!

Now it is so annoying when you suffer from chronic pain, and you are repeatedly told to sleep and exercise more. I am not going to go into this one.. When you have a condition which has no cure, you decide what you want to do to help. Don’t rule everything out, but the most important thing is to keep positive, be patient with yourself. If you are struggling with work or education, speak to someone who may help you, get additional support you may need or even see a doctor and discover more pathways to better health.

My brain fog has really got me down today. But don’t be embarrassed, you are not stupid, you are not ditzy. You are you and your brain needs a rest sometimes!

Any questions or if you need any support feel free to message me on my Instagram page: @hannahcampbelluk

Thank you for reading!


Han Xxx


Author: hancampbellx

Welcome to my brand new blog!! Student from Essex, love a good laugh and a good challenge 💪🏻 Whenever I get a chance, I shall update this blog with anything I want to share, whether that is my academic studies, travelling, battle with chronic pain or anything to do with health, beauty and my eventful life 💋

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