A review of Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty!

I’ve always admired the uniqueness of Lush, their quirky products, their range of different scents whenever you walk past their store, and the fact that they are totally against animal testing.

My friend once told me that a face mask from Lush cured their acne, this amazed me. If only I knew that sooner! Even though I do not suffer from cystic acne anymore, I still get breakouts here and there – I think everyone does!

For Christmas, my stepbrother kindly bought me and my sister some gifts from Lush, including the Mask of Magnaminty. It was time I mixed up my skincare regime a bit, and therefore I have started to use this amazing mixture.

There are 14 ingredients in the product, however I will not bore you with all of them. The most important ingredients of this ‘marvellous mixture’ include:

  • Peppermint oil – this is what makes the mask so refreshing, and the menthol inside stimulates sensory nerve endings – which causes a cooling effect.
  • Honey – believe it or not, honey is antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant. I never knew this!
  • Kaolin – never heard of this before I read about the Mask of Magnaminty.. Kaolin clay is so cool! It cleanses the skin by absorbing the excess oil and water into itself and by making a gently buffing paste when mixed with water.
  • Organic ground aduki beans – they remove dead skin cells when used as an exfoliator, which polishes and renews the skin. They also absorb excess dirt and oil as well.

Isn’t it amazing that you know exactly what you are putting on your skin? So many healthcare brands out there use ingredients that you will never be able to pronounce, however Lush reassures you that everything you are using is good for you and 100% natural!

No wonder why this mask works so well! It has multiple different purposes, which suit such a wide range of skin types – especially sensitive skin like mine!

How to use it:

Apply the mask to clear skin, anywhere you like! However, face is most appropriate for this mask. Leave it on for 5 – 10 starts to feel cool (due to the peppermint oil) and just like any other face mask, it slowly dries up (probably due to the Kaolin). Afterwards, use warm water to soak it off. I usually use a moisturiser after, but I prefer to let my skin breathe for a bit to make the most of the lasting effects of the mask.

I tend to use the mask in the evening time, and the morning after my first use, I could see a difference already! My spots have decreased in size, and after three uses, my skin is almost clear again! Definitely give it time, and have faith in this magnificent product.

I personally love this mask, I think it is fantastic. I definitely recommend this to anyone of any skin type. You can buy it in any lush store, starting from £7.95 for 125g. However, if you want to try before you buy, ask the assistant for a tester.

Thank you Lush for another brilliant product, and for making my skin as healthy as it can be!

To my readers, what skincare products do you love and what would you recommend?

Han Xxx


Advice for AS English Students!

I have decided to share some advice and tips for future English students.

English Language

So you have decided to take English Language, that’s great!

Before taking English Language at AS level, I was excited to find out what we were going to learn.

You will learn awesome stuff such as how accents develop and change over time, how we change our voice and speech dependant on who we are talking to, and how different social groups speak differently.

It is not like GCSE English, we do not have to read long books and remember 25 quotes for our exams, we use our own opinions, we apply our knowledge, and most importantly, we actually learn.

In order to succeed in this subject, here is some advice for you before you start! As I have now completed my AS in English Language, here are some tips I shall pass onto you first years.

  • I must admit – I left revision until last minute. DO NOT DO THIS. Read over your notes every evening, or at least the end of every week. Do not worry, revision is not going to take over your life, just a little bit here and there will do.
  • If you are stuck, confused or worried about anything, speak to your teacher. The English teachers at my sixth form college are brilliant and so helpful. They really do care and they want you to do well, and they will invest their time to make sure you are happy with your work. If you don’t ask for help, you will be stuck in a circle of not knowing what you’re doing, and before you know it you will be on the next topic and you forget about it until the exam. The exam in which you will be expected to write up an essay about the whole topic. Just ask for help.
  • In your English department there are probably many different extra – curricular activities to take part in. You can learn how to write a rattling good story, or an interesting article for the college magazine. At least take part in one extracurricular activity to help coincide with your studies in English. English language is a skill… so try your best to build it and that pen in your hand shall flow fluently with grace. Or, start writing in your free time. I have a blog, and this has helped me with my writing skills, or even just practising writing articles, or biographies and stories. This skill will help in every subject you ever learn.
  • Read! If you think reading is boring, then why are you even taking English? Reading is where most of our talent comes from, new language we learn every day helps us to strive in this subject. There is a library full of thousands of books here, and I also like Waterstones in the high street too. Practice does make perfect. Like writing, this skill will help you no matter which path you decide to walk in life.


Thank you for reading and good luck with your studies!

Han xx

The struggles of brain fog!

I am glad that fibro-fog (brain fog) is a recognised symptom of many different illnesses, including Fibromyalgia.

Being the academic that I am, I refuse to let this overcome me some days. But its hard. Working as a waitress too, someone might ask me for a diet coke and I order them a sprite.. and I look stupid. If only I wished they understood, but 99% customers wont.

I’ve always had good handwriting, and it is always something I am complimented on.. however, I fell asleep in class today as I was writing, and my notebook is just a mess. Your birthday cards may look nice, but it has taken me great effort to achieve that.

Everyone forgets things sometimes, everyone has clumsy moments, but I hate it when people intervene and make a joke out of it. As someone with good banter and a funny personality, I can usually take a joke. But sometimes I can’t even walk in a straight line and I actually just want to cry. But I can’t, because I want to stay strong (and I also want to keep my lashes on).

Sometimes it is funny though. I forgot my mate’s name the other day, I have known him a year and a half.. that was embarrassing. People must think I’m going mad!! Sometimes it is scary, but I know that some days I will be fine.

So what exactly is brain fog?

According to

‘Brain fog, also commonly known as brain fatigue, can be a mild to severe episode of mental confusion that can strike without warning. When this occurs, it is common to experience a lack of focus, poor memory recall and reduced mental acuity.
If the underlying causes of the brain fog are not addressed, then the condition can continue to occur to the point that it can negatively affect one’s professional and personal life.’

Check out this website by the way.. It is actually quite interesting!

There are a number of causes of brain fog.. Here are some, that I know of at least!:

  • Stress. Stress is so powerful, it can really make you ill. Make sure you manage your stress – either solve current problems in your life, or meditate to overcome the hypothetical ones.. too much stress will cause you brain fog, as there is too much going on and you will not think straight. (Kinda self explanatory really)
  • Lack of sleep. Omg sleep is so important! Make sure you get enough of it, as you need to restore all the energy you use each day.. With conditions like Fibromyalgia, you do not get restorative sleep, so you might as well not sleep at all to be honest.. but that’s not the point, we have to try! & some medications help that. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, it makes life very difficult. See a professional for some advice!
  • Vitamin deficiencies – especially Vitamin D and B12, if you do not have enough in your system. B12 is vital for the functioning of your brain and nervous system. It is worth getting a blood test and checking your level out!

Now it is so annoying when you suffer from chronic pain, and you are repeatedly told to sleep and exercise more. I am not going to go into this one.. When you have a condition which has no cure, you decide what you want to do to help. Don’t rule everything out, but the most important thing is to keep positive, be patient with yourself. If you are struggling with work or education, speak to someone who may help you, get additional support you may need or even see a doctor and discover more pathways to better health.

My brain fog has really got me down today. But don’t be embarrassed, you are not stupid, you are not ditzy. You are you and your brain needs a rest sometimes!

Any questions or if you need any support feel free to message me on my Instagram page: @hannahcampbelluk

Thank you for reading!


Han Xxx

My objectives of this blog and my site page

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all of your support so far, I am really enjoying using WordPress. However, it is taking so long to build up a large network. I know that this takes time. My initial idea was to help others with chronic illness.. but as the openminded person I am, so many ideas spring to my mind each day and I end up writing about everything.. as you can tell! Chronic pain, A level English, reviews on restaurants and skincare, haha! Seems like this page doesn’t have a purpose. But it does, and I want to build my network. For my passion of business, and also my passion of helping others and making a difference in this world.

So I am asking you. What would you like to see on this page? Any type of advice or posts you would like to read? Please let me know in the comments or message me directly. I would love some inspiration from my followers. Thank you!

Han Xxx

You have a manager, but what do they actually do?

In my BTEC Extended Certificate in Applied Business, we have been studying the unit of managing and leading. And I find it really interesting, how the management style impacts the whole of the business, especially the culture of the business, and relationships between employees and the managers.

So what exactly is management? Management is the process of which company resources are used and decisions made in order to meet the objectives of the business. The manager is responsible for this, and is also responsible for maintaining the structure, staff and day-to-day running of the business. There are 4 key roles they should practice:

  • Planning – reviewing where the business is at present and where the business wants to be in the future. Assessing current performance and producing a functional plan whilst identifying resource requirements.
  • Organising – allocating the resources, coordinating to achieve an outcome
  • Monitoring and evaluating – Reviewing process and assessing progress.
  • Reporting – providing detailed feedback of an event or outcome. Can be verbal or written, to an individual or their whole team.

These 4 roles are so important. They are vital to ensure a business is on the right path to meeting their objectives. But, have you ever found yourself doing any of these roles, when you are not in a managerial position? Not every manager does this, and whenever there is a gap in the practice of these duties, this is where a business starts to go wrong.

If there is no planning or organisation, there will not be a functional plan and operations of a business is unorganised and messy. The staff will be unsure of what they are doing, they will not have a plan to follow and therefore important operations are not completed. No matter what type of business it is, it will affect the quality or product/service needed to survive.

Without monitoring and evaluating, anything can go wrong and the business will not know what the problem is and why it is occurring. So how can they improve?

Reporting is so important top. 3/4 jobs I have worked at have failed to provide detailed feedback to staff about the outcome, any events or problems of the business. If there is a lack of communication in any business, this causes massive problems between the staff, and how can you work to the expected standard when you have no idea what is expected? How can you change something you didn’t realise was a problem?

A prime example of how management in a shift in a restaurant should work:

  • You get to work, and you are told exactly what you are doing that shift.
  • You know exactly who you are working with, and what their roles are.
  • You are told of any bookings, any events which are expected in that shift.
  • Throughout the shift, your manager asks you how things are, asks you about any updates.
  • If there are any complaints or any uncertainty from a customer you are told straight away and asked/told how to rectify the problem.
  • Your manager reports to you via feedback of how you are doing, and how they feel about the shift. If you are doing well, they give you verbal praise and show appreciation. If you have made a mistake without realising, they will inform you of the problem and how to improve in the future.
  • If there is an occasion of lack of communication, or any unexpected events were to occur, your manager should be able to take this onboard and allocate the appropriate resources in order to rectify. For example, if one of the bar staff had to go home ill, then if possible, the manager may be able to feel that gap. However, that may not even be needed.

When you are at work, you have the right to know exactly what is going on, what needs doing, and what needs improving. It sounds simple, but trust me, not a lot of managers can hack it. I am lucky that my manager can! But knowing a lot of people in the hospitality industry, this is something that most managers fail to do, causing upset and a lack of motivation in the workplace.

What is your current manager like? Answer in the comments!

Thank you for reading, my next Business post will be on Managers V Leaders!

Han Xxx

Self-care may seem like such a challenge, but here is the easy way!

A list of self-care tips to help you become happier and improve your wellbeing!

Self care is so important – I cannot exaggerate how much it is. Caring for yourself should come before anything else, as without being healthy and happy ourselves, we will never perform to our best ability and make the most of life.

I started an Instagram account focusing on health awareness and self-care, feel free to have a browse: @hannahcampbelluk

I created a self-care guide of different self care tips on my page to promote wellness and inner peace.. and here are 10 of my favourite all together for you to look at! Try this yourself – implement one self care practice each day for 10 days.. and see how you feel afterwards!

The myth of being able to adopt a new habit in 21 days has been said since the 1960s, but it actually takes an average of 66 days, according to a study produced by University College London. Even though this sounds lengthy and very difficult, I believe if you practice this on a 10 day rotation, you should really start to be in synchronisation with your self-care and inner peace as soon as possible.

No need to necessarily do this in order, but I recommend practising one of these a day, and try all 10 at some point. As someone who suffers with chronic pain and depression, I hope this could inspire you to take care of yourself too.

Self-care tip Number 1:

Try some guided meditation.

Guided meditation has so many benefits, the list is endless. It can improve sleep quality, lower the risk of depression, reduce chronic pain and aid recovery from chronic illnesses. There are so many more positive aspects of meditation, which is why I urge you to try it.
With guided meditation you just need to listen, try your best to concentrate and move into the peacefulness of your subconscious mind.
So, if you find your inner peace and you are more in tune with your body, you must start to feel better right?
Any state of mind is guaranteed to improve if you get into the habit of meditation. Which is why I recommend this to everyone.
With chronic pain, if we have a better mindset then we may feel more motivated to carry on with everyday life, however it will not cure us overnight. But it certainly will let us find a part of ourselves that we never knew existed!
You can use guided meditation for pretty much anything. You do not need to be unwell or sad to use it, I believe it is good for everyone. You can use it for relaxing, de-stressing, getting to sleep, becoming more confident, fighting addiction, weight loss, depression and the list goes on.. Here are some sources for guided meditation videos that have really helped me –
The Honest Guys, found on YouTube and Spotify.
Headspace – a mobile phone app, more info can be found here: Jason Stephenson – YouTube


Self-care tip number 2:

Something which has helped me very much, is my love of English and writing.
Now, as I study English Language I do have the skill of writing, however I recommend writing to anyone.. it certainly helps to get everything out, even if it’s just a Facebook status.

I started a blog a few months ago, and I occasionally write in a diary if I wanna talk about something good, or bad. When I was younger, I kept a number of diaries which helped me get through loads of shit, like bullying.
Write a review for a local business, create a blog, get a diary, put a pen to a piece of paper and let your beliefs be discovered..

Self-care tip number 3:

Alternative medicine such as massage therapies can be very good for any chronic condition, mental health condition, although massages help everyone to relax.
With a condition like fibromyalgia, arthritis etc, massages can be painful, but if you find a good therapist or one who specialises in your condition, then I recommend you definitely try it out.
A massage won’t cure you, but it will certainly help you to relax, sleep better, aid lethargic muscles and help restore body strength.
If anybody needs help with finding a therapist best suited to them, contact me and I will help direct you to someone who may be able to treat you.. also, Groupon do loads of offers with spas and practices all across the UK!

Self-care tip number 4:

Go somewhere new. On your own!

This can be nerve-wracking at first, and some people may not want to spend time in their own company.. but once you get comfortable with it, you may love it!
A few weeks ago I had to visit a university in London, but decided to go early in order to treat myself and cheer myself up!

I got off the train at Liverpool Street, and discovered the Ivy City Garden. It was beautiful, I asked for a table for one and had the best breakfast I’d ever had.. I then looked around and enjoyed the nice weather, found a really nice small shop that focuses on self-care rituals and regimes.

Teach yourself to be alone but not lonely, do what you want to do, and you don’t need to listen to anyone else. Treat yourself within reason and find something new to love 💖

Self-care tip number 5:

Cut toxic people out of your life. I bet that you thought of at least one person as you read that sentence.

You’ve made the first step. You know who’s toxic. If you don’t-here are some pointers: those who:

  • may criticise you all the time
  • spread negativity
  • are jealous
  • are self-centred
  • repeatedly disappoint you

Get rid of the negativity, stop trying with people who can’t be bothered to try for you. And show kindness to someone who will appreciate it muchly.

I’ve done it, I’ve detoxed from people who made me feel like shit and in the last year, I’ve met some amazing people.. delete. detox. start again and be happy 💖

Self-care tip number 6:

This one is pretty simple. Do something you enjoy doing.. if I don’t have the energy to do much, or if I am feeling down, I’ll still do my make up as it distracts me, and makes me feel better once it’s on!
No matter how little or large, do what you wanna do – just make yourself smile!

Eat that cake, stay in bed all day, have a drink, binge on Netflix, paint your face on, do you and treat yourself 🐊


Self-care tip number 7:

Even though I haven’t been able to do a proper workout for months, if I could then I definitely would go back to being a fitness freak!
I know with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, we can’t go to the gym all the time, we can’t do what other people find easy. But to everyone who reads this, please make the most of your fit and able body and get off the sofa!

At least go for a short walk, play with your pet, do a few stretches, move your body, even if it as little as possible.

If you feel good one day, do a workout, go swimming or go to your local gym!
Don’t worry about the pain you will feel after, only worry about it when it comes. Mental well-being is so important, and exercise will help this. Therefore, just try your best, but when you need rest, please rest!

Self-care tip number 8:

As human beings, we all worry or panic at least a few times in our life. Some of us panic more than average. No matter what, it is so important to not let anxiety take over your life. (Easier said than done. I know)
Anxiety and depression are common conditions, affecting at least 1 in 6 people in the UK weekly. – If you want to find more statistics regarding mental health in the UK, I recommend this comprehensive summary of mental health research conducted by The Mental Health foundation:

Whether you suffer from anxiety or not, read the diagram and list on this post…take it in. Make small steps and keep at it, and hopefully you will be able to overcome it. If it is becoming a problem, seek professional help as you’ll find that will also contribute greatly to recovery.

Image result for the worry tree diagram

Image result for how to stop overthinking by sharon martin

Self-care tip number 9

This is a simple activity which may help you feel a little bit more positive!

Write down 10 things you are grateful for – it can be absolutely anything, no matter how small or big!
Feel free to comment on this blog about what you are grateful for. Share your ideas and spread the gratitude! I am intrigued to hear what you are all thankful for!

Image result for gratitude quotes

Self-care tip number 10

Spend less time on social media… haha, you knew this was coming!

I admit, I need to hack this myself, I live on my phone, iPad and laptop – it is bad I know! We all need to clean our minds and look after ourselves at times, and cutting down on social media usage is bound to help us do that!

The biggest thing social media probably affects us most with, is the distraction. Distraction of the moment. Something I have tried to do is when I am trying to get a brilliant photo of a nice view I see, or something which enlightens me, I put the phone down and take a picture of it with my own eyes. I focus on my present surroundings and learn to enjoy the moment. I think this is good for our happiness and wellbeing, as we learn to cherish precious moments properly.

Also, social media leads us to focus on other people rather than ourselves.. but self-care is about looking after ourselves, not others. So take a break from Facebook, and focus on you!

That is it for now, start the New Year with gratitude, inner peace and serenity by following some of these tips and doing what makes you happy.

Feel free to leave a comment about any self-care practices you enjoy doing, and any questions!

Thank you for reading, Han Xxx

My top 10 favourite restaurants.. ever!

Moto Pizza, Chelmsford

This place is a MUST. You need to visit here if you love pizza. We serve bottomless pizza, for everyone! As well as sourdough pizza, we offer gluten free and vegan pizzas, and we are the second restaurant in Essex to cook our pizzas in a woodfired oven (if you are a proper foodie, you know that this makes such a big difference, and is the best way to cook a pizza!). If you are having holiday blues from Italy, come to Moto to remind yourself of the fantastic pizza made there, or if you are catching up with a few friends, join us for a brilliant meal and fantastic cocktails whilst doing so! Birthday and Christmas parties are also great fun at Moto, and every member of staff work their hardest to ensure you are happy with your experience. As Moto is not just somewhere to eat and drink, it is somewhere to experience. Just turn your green light on when you want pizza, and let the fun commence!

Hickory’s Smokehouse, Castle Bromwich

I love this place. Although I do not go there often enough due to it being in Castle Bromwich. However, they do the BEST milkshakes, the BEST burgers and the BEST sundaes. It even has a mini cinema inside. So cool!

Continental Café, Maldon

If it’s for a brunch, early lunch or just a bit of cake, this place never lets me down. In my hometown, I love to come here on my days off and treat myself to a Nutella milkshake and a club sandwich. In the summer, the courtyard is lovely to sit in, and in the winter, the atmosphere is nice and cosy to have a mocha in. The cakes are AMAZING too. Homemade and delicious.

The Ivy City Garden – London

I came here on my own in the summer for brunch. I LOVED IT. It is wonderful here, the whole restaurant is beautiful with statues and plants. It has such vibrant surroundings yet is one of the most relaxing eateries I have ever been to. I had the garden breakfast which was the best breakfast I had ever had. To compliment it, I had the green juice which was recommended to me by the waiter. The Ivy City Garden is a short walk away from Liverpool Street, and I definitely recommend it – especially if you are on your own and not sure where to go for brunch!

Touro Brazilian Steakhouse – Brighton

Let me just warn you now.. this is no place for a vegetarian, but if you are a proper meat eater like myself, you will LOVE it here. Unlimited meat, of all different types, steaks, chicken, pork and more, a buffet with rice salads and vegetables, and nice drinks to enjoy your meal. As this place is in Brighton I don’t get to go here much either, but it is definitely on my to-do list whenever I visit!

Byron Burgers – Chelmsford

If I ever get a craving for a decent burger, I drag my sister here for the best in town! I love it here, I always go for a simple cheeseburger and fries.. plus the UNIDAYs discount is always a bargain too! Service is great here, even though it is always busy when I visit!

The Maldon Tandoori – Maldon

Whenever I fancy a good curry, I go here for dinner. It is pricey compared to the other Indian cuisines in town, but the nice, quiet atmosphere and tasty food is definitely worth it!

Chopbloc Steakhouse – Chelmsford

This place does the BEST steaks, and I love their extensive menu of starters too. I love the panko pork belly, which melts in your mouth and allows the soy sauce to cleanse your pallet, before having a tender bit of fillet steak and fries. Their dessert menu is brilliant too, with smoked pineapple, raspberry crème brulee and more! There is a bar upstairs for those waiting to be seated or just fancying a nice drink.

TGI Fridays – All around the UK

I love TGI Fridays, no matter where you are, most likely there is one near you! The lively vibe makes your dining experience more exciting, and they are known for their brilliant cocktails! As an American-style restaurant, they do loads of different dishes, from burgers to ribs to salads to fajitas! I think this is a great restaurant to come for your birthday, as everyone in your group is bound to enjoy it! Plus their birthday cake is amazing..

Tea On The Green – Danbury

I did used to work here, but I have loved it since a young age, as I used to visit with my mum all the time. If you fancy just a mocha with a bit of cake, or the best afternoon tea you could ever imagine, then this is the place to come! It is a small, cosy and pretty tea room with a deli next door, which sells the best bread and cakes!

Thank you for reading about my love of food and my favourite restaurants!

Love, Han Xxx

A year of lessons, growth, endings yet new beginnings.

Two break ups, a loss of a loved one, a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia however a new job, 5 AS levels achieved and a lot of strength which I didn’t have this time a year ago.

2018 has been eventful, yet I am appreciative for what I have learnt, the strength I have built and the knowledge I have been given..

I can’t remember January, February and March really haha..

Prior to this year I had been ill for almost two years with chronic migraine which then seemed to turn into chronic body pain – therefore in March I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which was a downer however it was my birthday in April and spent the night with three close friends in the hot tub and long girly chats, before heading out the next day to have brunch, do some shopping before heading to TGI Friday’s where family friends surprised me once I got there! After, me and my mate went out for a heavy night!

May and June was stressful, as I had my AS exams throughout, which meant a lot of revision and anxiety. However, I was pleased to find out I had passed all five, achieving AACDD. I was very relieved I had got into my second year of A levels and was able to choose my 4 subjects to carry on with.

After an eventful,dramatic break up I decided September was going to help me have a fresh start and more focus on my studies. As Fibromyalgia and the events of the year had caused me to feel depressed and extremely disheartened with life, I started to focus more on myself – which was hard at first because I have always put others before me. and always seem to be the one to help others with their problems. But I needed to help myself mentally and physically, so I started a new Instagram account to raise awareness for my illness, and also share any self-care tips that I found to have helped me.

Something which has also really impacted my life this year (but positively for sure!), is my new job at Moto Pizza. Moto is a brand new pizzeria in Chelmsford which offers bottomless, woodfired Italian-style pizza. The pizza is amazing (and I am not just saying that because I work there!), it simply is the best I have ever had – thanks to our pizzaiolos! I work part-time there usually on evenings and weekends, front of house. I love my job, the majority of customers are happy because they share the same love of pizza we all do, and the team are like family to me. We have all been there since the start, and yes we do get stressed during the busy times but we always work our hardest! I can honestly say I look forward to going to work, no matter what! It definitely helps distract me from my chronic pain.

And of course, as you all may know, I do like to go on a date every now and then. As I see myself as single for a long time from now on, why not just take up an offer if someone takes a liking to me? Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to only say yes if they are 100% my type and not going to waste my time..

December has been a fantastic month. I started it with Christmas shopping so that I didn’t have to worry about it later. I also took my sister out for lunch when I got paid, and I forgot how nice Byron burgers are. The following week, my best friend and I planned to go to Westfields to do some shopping for our holiday in Amsterdam, however when we got to the train station, we found out there were no trains.. we didn’t want to get the rail replacement service, so instead I decided to go to my work for bottomless pizza.. in which we challenged ourselves and I had 17 slices! I do not regret it at all!! The week after, my sister and I spent the day with my nan and we had our mini Christmas day, we exchanged our presents and had lunch in the local caff. The 9th quickly came round and it was the Moto work Christmas party. It was fabulous! We had a gorgeous meal at Chopbloc steakhouse in Chelmsford, where I had the panko pork belly to start followed by a medium-rare (of course) fillet steak for main. Afterwards, we played a game of bowling (which is a bit of a blur to me as I had drunk wayyyy too much during dinner), and then we partied in Bar and Beyond. It was so fun, but I was definitely so smashed that my hangxiety the next day was REAL. Anyway, I still have my job and I made my colleagues laugh – a lot! The week after, I went to London with my family to meet up with my stepdad’s work friends. A lovely family we meet for dinner around Christmas time, we had so much fun and it was a real treat to be driven there by a chauffeur too! Two days later, I went to Kew gardens with my family to see the Christmas lights and decorations. It was phenomenal, a proper experience. I definitely recommend it to anyone! On the 20th I went to the zoo for the day with my friends, Ben, Kallum and Dean.. we had a brilliant time, I am such a big kid at the zoo but I have loved it ever since I was a few months old! It is a tradition for me to go during Christmas time, as I love to see the reindeers and decorations! I worked a lot in between then and Christmas, however I had a well deserved meal at my work on Christmas Eve, before going home to have Chocolate Baileys, Christmas pudding and playing games.. I then slept right through until 8.30AM, where I just remembered it was Christmas Day! I have been spoilt rotten this year, received brilliant gifts (including a laptop I can now blog with), skincare products from my favourite brand of Clarins, a U shaped body pillow for my chronic pain which is going to help me loads, candles, money, chocolates, more gift sets and even more presents! We also went to the Blue Strawberry for a beautiful 3 course Christmas dinner, where I had Brie and Cranberry tart, rare beef wellington in filo pastry, and mincemeat and apple frangipan (a lot of pastry I know, but who cares? IT’S CHRISTMASSSS). Now at home with my lappie on, watching Coronation Street with my mum. I am definitely going to sleep well tonight, and enjoy my last few days of 2018 before the New Year starts!

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Merry Christmas and lots of love to you all,

Han Xxx